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Senior Libertarian Book Club organized by Pinellas Florida Libertarians

Posted by Pinellas Libertarians on April 16, 2011 at 8:00 PM


St. Petersburg Florida --


"You're never too old to promote Libertarian ideas and books" says longtime Libertarian Party member and former Florida State Party Chairman, Ralph Swanson. As a senior and a Libertarian he has seen how the Libertarian Party has grown over four decades.  Still active in Libertarian politics, Mr. Swanson help organized a Senior Libertarian Book Club in Florida.


It started with going out for a coffee with friends and discussing politics.  Many of our discussions involved references to various Libertarian themed books. "We thought...hey... why don't we bring our Libertarian books with us to discuss over a coffee" says Senior Libertarian Book Club member and longtime Pinellas Libertarian Ann Chorgo.


What is most interesting... is how we attract people passing by our table who ask about our Libertarian Book Club meeting or the books.  We don't mind the new comers and love to refer them the the official Libertarian Book Club website:



Libertarians Ralph Swanson and Ann Chorgo recent Senior Libertarian Book Club meeting drew the interest of Starbucks staffer, "Mike".



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