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Community Summits: Pinellas Libertarians Lead

Posted by Pinellas Libertarians on April 17, 2011 at 3:12 AM

Creative Loafing, foirmerly Weekly Planet, notes Pinellas Libertarian Work

Pinellas Libertarians met for the bi-annual activist brunch to review civic action focused on community outreach and broad civic improvement summits to inform and galvanize local civic leaders. Projects involved information sites by 2013 and included:

  • Public Safety Summit: Participation in the Agenda 2010 process to bring crime down in St Petersburg and improve police-neighborhood relations
  • Continual phone colloquia on ballot issues and direct initiative and meetings with legislative leaders on some form of recall process in Florida; on photographing police rights; on protection against oil drilling misbehavior by creation of shore no-drill park
  • Summit on Homeless that brought 400 community leaders together and helped create a county wide plan emphasizing private action such as homeshare and efficiencies such as redeicating underused buildings to homeless help
  • Youth network to work for tax relief and tariff reductions for energy efficient homes and reselling home-produced energy to utilities