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Page Focus: Gas!

  • GAS: Check daily Cheapest Gas also GOOGLE:  Fight back! Why gas prices rise.
  • Welcome to our Consumer Resource page..

    Libertarianism isn't just politics, but also about free-market excellence, consumer involvement and the benefits of non-authoritarian management.

    This page has links to Pinellas key consumer resources, those using Libertarian ideas, and alerts on businesses that may be hurting you through their government involvement.

    Consumer ToolKit


    Community groups using Libertarian-interest ideas

    • Blood donations   Please participate in the blood donation program, which offers free coupons to your favorite stores
    • Food Share (FL): (Share Florida Food Network) Learn how to save up to 50% on your Groceries!  Check papers or call local churches for sites. They purchase or get donations of food packages that are provided at about 1/3 retail for local volunteer work. Many Libertarians are involved--and Libertarian non-political activities (e.g. booths) count.
    • Car Wash Program, supported by local Libertarians and numerous community and business groups to help disaster victims.
    • Local Sudbury School: The consumers, i.e. the students, run the school, completely reversing everything government assumes. They set class size, hire teachers, and set curricula. Unsurprisingly, they blow public school students, used to authoritarian and pseudo-democratic conformities, away in tests, self-confidence, etc. Their students and mentors did a presentaion at the Florida Libertarian 2005 convention that wowed the audience.

    Spring Valley School
    2109 Nebraska Avenue
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34683
    Phone: (727) 781-1234
    Fax: (727) 576-6321


    Homeschool Resources

    Libertarians fought for years to  legalize homeschooling. So enjoy, and sign petition to separate school and state: