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People often don't care about what you know until they see how much you care.

In Cooperation with the Libertarian Club and other groups, we are delighted to offer Civic Awards for activism Aside from the Club and Chair's awards, we encourage you to get yearly awards for...

  • Publish 3 Letters to the Editor mentioning Libertarianism (A complete manual is at Get Involved!)
  • Staffing 3 Event Booths or Tables on Libertarianism
  • Speaking on Libertarianism to non-Libertarian groups
  • A special 'Triathlon' award for all three.

These are in co-operation with the Advocates for Self-Government Center and include valuable discounts and items. We're delighted to be a top county with  for 2 years running, and to have many of the awards in Florida.

In addition, the Libertarian Program Group offers a recognition certificate for distributing, using WELCOME KIT at right:

  • Increments of 1000 to 3000 calling cards in your neighborhood and 100-300 posters to form a problem solving team.

We also give awards for non-partisan action beneficial to increasing freedom to other groups and their members.

Please contact us to co-ordinate effort before seeking your award.



LPPC members will mentor students in Essay contests by Libertarian-interest groups. In addition, it has an award for students with best essay OR project in conceptual or practical application of Libertarianism.