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These are some of the ongoing projects in the 3 key Education/Outreach, Activism /Cultural and Political/Candidate  areas you can join ...and being done by or with Pinellas Libertarians, Pinellas Libertarian Groups, and Pinelllas activists and candidates. Please participate, or let us know of your own project. These are not directly LPPC projects unless specified: LPPC serves to help Libertarians communicate on their freely chosen approaches to bettering our community, and their personal lives...  >> Libertarian Activism  Tools and LP manuals (Upcoming)

Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress


What Libertarians have done for Florida & Pinellas: Our Program at Work!

Libertarian Progress...

Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress

Did You Know?...Florida teachers via the Civic Ed site encourage you (Standard # 50)  to learn more about Libertarianism

How Libertarians Have Helped Pinellas and Florida...
Libertarians in Pinellas and Florida have played key roles in fighting restrictions on your individual rights...

For Liberty...

For Justice...

...For All!

  •  Revision 11, the ballot fairness amendment so you can now choose
  • Leading watchdogs for open government
  • Work consultatively with public officials to improve services and create dialogue
  • Libertarians in Pinellas spoke recently with over 3000 community leaders
  • More Libertarians in government to listen to your needs 
  • Providing mental tools and web support for citizens standing up for basic rights and against corruption.


Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress


Write Letters to Editor; Help Education & Outreach


Outreach: Coalitions, Booths, Drop-Offs and Polls...

We're involved in community coalitions for long term change such as the Election Reform Coalition.

Can you help? It can be as simple as being a "Walking Booth" never going out without a few materials and handing them out to folks you meet. We are seeking personable people to help staff or financially support booths or attend public events, hand out literature,  network, and sign up interested persons. Booths are of two types, and done in collaboration with other Libertarian groups. One is general outreach booths at events where we seek names of interested persons, petition signers and people to register Libertarian, generally using OPH booth formats. The other is seeking people interested in further Libertarian information at local polls on election day (which may not involve a booth at all, but being seated clipboard and literature at hand)... OR you can hand out info sheets monthly at drop-off at local businesses, laundromats, karate do-jo's, health food stores...Tools for this include the Pinellas Libertarian Club flyer, a Sign Up sheet (please return to LPPC), and an 'I Love Libertarians" sheet you can attach to cardbord if you have no sign Also, OPH materials may be ordered from the Advocates, and we encourage plenty of Libertarian Viewpoints (which can be ordered with other outreach items from the LP USA), also FREE OPH Nolan  sheets courtesy of the Lib Club with local contact address ( or order in bulk) and ISIL brochures. Please contact us at 727-347-2879 for further information and give your name as part of the Booth/Drop-Off Team!

Outreach: Be Heard Project...
Frank Clarke, a world expert on the REX computer system deeply interested in our civil liberties, facilitates Letters to the Editor (LTE's), Media, and letters or contacts with government officials with these tips: ALWAYS mention Libertarianism, be short, polite and factual. Take on one issue at a time, and realize that it takes several letters to get published. Don't neglect local gazettes such as the Gabber, and radio call in shows. Aim to do something once a month.  To get started, check out  our Home page section "Write to the Media!"  Check out our Manual using published letters, and you can share your letter with the Pinellas Libertarian Club   also. Write LTE
to St. Pete Times, Pinellas News, Weekly Planet, Gabber, Florida Trend, also Tampa Tribune , Tampa Sentinel , Tampa/Gulf Coast Review and Tampa Business Journal. Also Other media Links and Write the Government.

 Outreach: Contact and Speakers Project...
Julie Chorgo with Libertarian Citizen is looking for people interested in developing activism by doing long-term phone contact, hosting coffees in their homes for non-Libertarian friends, and being resource people in their District seeing to drop-offs of materials, answering questions, etc. She will also help photograph your Libertarian event. In addition, she asks for speakers to High Schools, Colleges, and groups.. For tools see Booths, above. Please contact her via the LPPC Chair at 727-344-1038.  


  • Pinellas LP
  • Lib Club/event Reminders
  • Write World Media
  • Write US Lawmakers
  • Write US Media
  • LIB 24 Hour RADIO Class
  • LIB Activist Resources


  • Libertarian BLOGS


    Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress


  • Join in Activism!

    Activism: Libertarian Community Radio,  Disaster Help, and Adopt A Road...
    Libertarians outside the LPPC are active and stay in touch via the Libertarian Club. Start the week on an upbeat note as former Chamber of Commerce personality Paul Malloy invites guests  to discuss their use of Libertarian tools in their communities and cultural ideas. Call in format at both WTAN 1340 and 1400 AM reaches all of Tampa Bay from Sarasota to Polk. Funded entirely by ads and contributions, the affiliate endorses support of this project..

    Activism: IRV in Florida...Support ERC...
    LPPC is active or in dialogue with coalitions engaged in Libertarian interest efforts, and we need your participation. Anthony Lorenzo at the Pinellas Libertarian Club is among Libertarians building a trans-partisan coalition to develop IRV options for Florida voters. IRV stands for Instant Runoff Voting and allows people to simultaneously pick a runoff choice, thus  making  expressing alternate prefernces much easier.) He will train on petitioning. There is a general and Pinellas action group. LPPC endorses voting alternatives such as proportional representation and IRV that better represent and educate public opinion. And send a letter/e-mail  of support to our election coalition: ERCPinellas

       LPPC Activism: Tools for Students...
    Students can make a little money and distribute on campus copies of the FREE LIBERAL . Other great  tools include the Booth materials above, and materials to do classroom presentations. There are things you can do whether in High School or College . >> LP College Manuals (Upcoming)


    Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress


    Political Participation

      Candidates: Pinellas Operation Full Slate/Gatorbite...

    We  would like to hear from prospective candidates for local and higher public office, or interested in serving in local citizen advisory boards. See our Candidates  page to learn of opportunities. The LPPC program involves mentoring, a training framework and teamwork to serve the public. .

    Candidates/Politics: Tiger Bay Club...
    Join local Libertarians active in the Tiger Bay Club   and network with local movers and shakers.

    Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress