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Libertarian Tool Kit-

Libertarian Interest, Chat & News Groups


Libertarian Interest, Chat & News Groups


*=good groups for new person

Lib or Lib-interest but Non-LP

* Pinellas Libertarian Club  Contact group for Pinellas talk, act, and lunch network facilitated by Julie Chorgo Gilson

Pinellas CAN  Action contact group for drug choice

Pinellas CIRV  Action contact group for IRV activism

* Florida Liberty Fans.  News page from around Florida by subscribers

* FLLIB Group. Yahoo group for postings of same

* FreedomWorks! Pinellas Libertarian Radio show announce and fan post group

* LNCSouthEast  Workgroup with Regional Rep to libertarian National Committee

LVOF. Discussion Items of interest to Libertarians, some in-party chit chat

Melanie Chat group on doings of popular songstress, and on and off Pinellas Libber, Melanie

DFC Discussion by Libertarians and Democrats on common matters

RLC Discussion by Libertarians and Republicans of issues of common concern


Badnarik Florida Floridians for Badnarik trade tips

Black Libertarians Discuss and post group

Florida Voices Workgroup for community activists

Florida Homeschool Support Group  and Workgroup

Givens Discussion group of pro-Libertarian financial how to expert

Hispanic Libertarians  Discussion

LPCampus  Leadership forum of Libertarian college students around the world

LibsPR Libs interested in Proportional Representation

LibVets Discussion group for veterans welcomes Pinellas input

Official LP 

* LPF-announce  Member maintained announce list for LPF Officers



DOE Department of Elections and Pinellas SOE

Florida Greens   It's their discussion group. They work with us on structural (e.g. ballot) stuff. Don't bug them.

Pinellas Democrats, Greens  and Florida Greens toolpage, and Republicans

St Pete LWV



Useful e-Books




*Healing Our World
*Nobody's Business if You Do
*Local Problems,Libertarian Solutions
*Private Solutions, Public Problems
*Homeless to Homeowner
*Jefferson's Sayings
*Making Economic Sense
*God Of The Machine
*Pensamientos y Propuestas Libertarios

...Journals and Biblios


*Papers from Liberty Story
*JRNL Lib Studies

Free How-to E-books


*Start here:USLP Manuals
*GrowTheLP Site
*Campus Activism
*How to Socials (The Guida Guide)